Why change?

Single LMS for all

The University of Iceland emphasises a positive learning experience for students and the delivery of high quality degree programmes. Multiple surveys have demonstrated the desire and need for a single online learning platform from students, teaching staff and management.

User friendly chosen by users

Based on this feedback we carried out a very thorough tender process to find the system that meets our needs at the University of Iceland the most. We explored multiple systems to find one with a simple user interface and one which would enhance the learning experience by providing the tools our teachers want to use but also provide the flexibility for a teacher to meet the needs of their course. Based on these usability tests the system which meets our needs much more than any other was the LMS, ‘Canvas’. This system also enables us to plugin in our other systems so we can access all learning resources in a seamless experience.

One year implementation


We’ve started our partnership with Canvas and have put in a full team to implement this important project. We are working closely with Canvas where we are fully supported from their team. Using Canvas also gives us the opportunity to work with many other of their university customers in the Canvas community. Our own team working on this project will be providing full information on the process of the roll out through our website, where many questions you have can be answered. We will be carrying out a pilot in January 2020, and as we scale the usage of the new platform we will need to hear from you with your feedback and learning on this exciting project.