Making sure final grades are correct in Canvas

Before moving the final grade from Canvas, there are three steps that need to be taken:


1. Assignments that don’t count towards the final grade

If there is an assignment that should not count towards the final grade, you need to make sure that it is set up correctly, by chekcing the box: Don’t count towards the final grade: 


2. Mark assignments that have not been submitted with 0

If a student has not submitted an assignemnt that counts towards the final grade and it should affect the final grade, you need to mark it with 0. 

You can do that for all assignments that have a due date, by changing the settings of the Gradebook. Click on Grades in the course navigation, and then the cranckwheel in the upper right corner and edit the Late Policy: 


3. Excuse students from submissions


If a student did not submit an assignment and it should not count towards the final grade, you must excuse that submission for the student. 

To do that you open Grades, click on the empty field in the table, click the small arrow. That opens options for grading to the right and there you click Excused.