Is your course published

In Canvas, courses are not published automatically. The teacher can work on the course, upload material, set it up and when he is ready, he publishes the course.

NOTE: Students will not receive notifications unless the course is published!

While the course is unpublished, students receive a message saying that the course is „Not yet available.“ To make the course content available, click on „Publish“ on the right side of the front page of each course:

That changes the status of the course to published and it will look like this: 

This gives students access to everything you have made visible in the course.

You can also publish courses by going to the Dashboard. Courses are divided into „Published courses“ and „Unpublished courses“. By clicking „Publish“ on the desktop, you make the course accessible to students:

You can still hide certain courses, credits, pages and assignments for students even if the course is published.

Most of the items you create in Canvas have an access control icon. If there is a green circle next to the item, it is visible to students, if the circle is gray with a line across it, the item is hidden from students.

Here, the upper module is visible to the students but the lower one, the one with the gray ring is hidden from the students.

Same applies to items within modules: 

Here, the items with the green check mark are accessible to students, but the item „Nýr ritill“ is invisible to students.