Information for pilot students

Here are answers to the most common questions from students at the beginning of the spring semseter, concerning Canvas.

Over 60 courses are taught with Canvas during the spring semester 2020 as a pilot project to test the system and adjust it’s functions. 

All students enrolled in these pilot courses received an email late December where the pilot project was expalained. Students in the pilot group will first see their Canvas course when they click the name of the course in Ugla. It will look a bit different to the Ugla or Moodle content you might have seen in earlier courses. 

Students in the pilot group simply log in to Ugla and click the name of the course. You should not need to log in again to open Canvas (Single Sign On). If some browser settings or other things prevent you from logging in, simply use your Ugla credentials ( email address and password) to log into Canvas. 

Please note that students that are not enrolled in the pilot courses can not log into Canvas yet. 

Skjáskot af dæmigerðu námsumhverfi í Canvas.

The Canvas environment should always be similar between courses. You have the main menu to your left, another menu to navigate the course, then the course content and to your right you have a to-do list with all assignments with due dates. 

A teacher can choose to set his course up as modules based on a timeline (usually weeks), based on themes in the course syllabus, or he might set the course up as pages. 

No matter how your teacher chooses to set up the course, it should always be quite simple to navigate. 

NOTE: you can always change the language settings of your Canvas environment by clicking „Reikningur / Account“, choose edit settings and use the language you prefer. 

Yes there is an app! You can easily navigate your course on your mobile device. You can find „Canvas Student“ in App Store or Google Play Store, download it and the use your email address and password to log in. 

Please note that this only works for students enrolled in pilot courses for the spring semester 2020. 

Skjáskot yfir stillingar í valmynd

You can decide how often Canvas sends you notifications from a course. To change those settings, click „Reikningur / Account“ and then click „Tilkynningar / Notifications“. 

You can choose to receive notifications right away, a summary of all notifications once a day or once a week, and you can set that based on differnt types of notifications.

Please note that notifications are always sent to your email address. 

Some students have had problems in seeing videos in their course that is hosted in Panopto. This is due to the fact that we are currently hosting these videos for three systems, Ugla, Moodle and Canvas. 

To get access to the recording in Canvas, open, and see how you are logged in by clicking the small arrow next to your name in the upper right corner: 

Panopto login information.If the provider is Ugla or Moodle, you need to log out, and then login again.

When you are logging in, you need to choose Háskóli Íslands Canvas as your provider. 

Now you should be able to see all Panopto recordings within your Canvas course. You might need to change this back for courses that are using Ugla or Moodle. 

This workaround will not be present from fall semester of 2020 when all courses will be Canvas courses. 


If a teacher wants you to submit an assignment in Canvas, you navigate to the assignment submission page and click „Submit Assignment“: 

You then locate the file containing your assignments and upload it:

You then agree to the End-User License Agreement and verify that the assignment is your original work and click „Submit Assignment.“

You follow your teacher’s link to the discussions page:  

Skjáskot af umræðuþræði í Canvas

The only thing you need to do is to click „Svara / Reply“ and an editor opens up where you can write and edit your reply, as in most traditional text editors: 

Skjáskot af ritli Canvas

You can change your text to bold, underlined or italics, create headlines, insert images, videos and links. 

If Canvas is misbehaving or if you run into errors and bugs with something you are trying to do in Canvas, there are a few ways you can go to find a solution: 

  • Canvas Student Guide: Instructions form the provider of Canvas. 
  • Canvas Community: Users in Canvas are usually very happy to help out, and you can search a big database of answers from users. 
  • Canvas help button: Down to the left in the main menu there is a button for assistance. Click it and you can send a request for assistance directly from the system. 
  • Helpdesk email: If your question is more general or if the help button is not working you can always send us an email. 
  • IT service phone: If the issue is urgent and you need help right away, you can call 525 4222 during office hours (Weekdays, 8:00-16:00).

We are very willing to provide good support and assistance, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a question regarding Canvas? Send us your questions to!