Get final grades ready for Ugla

Before sending the final grade to Ugla, you need to verify three things


1. Set assignments that do not count towards the final grade

If the Gradebook has assignments that are not supposed to count towards the final grade, it needs to be set in the assignment settings:

2. Grade assignments that students have not submitted with 0. 

If a student has not submitted an assignment that counts towards the final grade, you need to grade them specially with 0.

You can do this for all assignments by opening the gradebook, click the settings icon in th uppr right corner and set the Late submission policy so that all assignments that are overdue get 0%:


3. Mark assignments „Excused“ if they are not to affect a students final grade

If an assignment was optional and a student could opt out of it, or if for some reason his submission should not count towards the final grade, you need to mark it as excused, so that it does not affect the final grade.