The University of Iceland picks Canvas

The University of Iceland has signed an agreement with software developer Instructure that the learning management system (LMS) Canvas will be used for all teaching capacities at the university. Canvas will replace the learning space of Ugla and Moodle, but the former will remain in place as the administration system of the University of Iceland.

Preparation for the implementation of Canvas has already begun and an implementation schedule is being completed by the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Information Technology. Consultants from Instructure will also aid with the implementation. 

The plan is to have a group of teachers pilot the system as soon as the beginning of spring semester 2020, and that the start of fall semester 2020 will see the system in full operation as the learning management system of the University of Iceland.

User friendly system, chosen by users

Preparation for the LMS selection began in the summer of 2018, as an LMS working group was formed, in which were representatives from all schools, central administration and the student body. The group returned a detailed requirements analysis which became the basis for an international tender. The University of Iceland was seeking a powerful and modern learning management system that would meet the different requirements of all stakeholders within the academic society.

The university was faced with a choice between several systems which were comparable in many regards. In the end the selection of Canvas came down to the results of usability tests, in which representatives of all disciplines, administration and students took part. It is important to stress that the representatives of users chose the new LMS for the University of Iceland.

Flexible and reliable

Canvas is a powerful and flexible learning management system which caters both to the needs of teachers and students. It has broken a lot of new ground in recent years and it has, for example, become the most prevalent LMS in the Nordic countries, as well as being used in many of the world‘s leading universities (Harvard, Oxford, Stanford).

The system is designed for user-friendliness and simplicity. Canvas supports diverse teaching methods and pedagogical approaches.

One year implementation

All parties will be kept well informed during the integration progress. An implementation schedule will be introduced for staff and students. Details on the development of the project will also be shared on this website. This will also be where everybody can access all the relevant details on timing, key personnel of implementation and the experience of users.

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Infograph showing the function of LMS for students and teachers
Click the image for a simple explanation of what a Learning Management System is.

Implementation Plan - Key Milestones

  • August 30, 2019

    Agreement with Instructure about Canvas signed.

  • November 15, 2019

    Pilot group starts using the LMS
    A pilot group of teachers gets acces to the system to set up the courses taught on spring semester 2020.

  • January 6, 2020

    Pilot courses start
    Students registered in the pilot courses have access to the system. One of the biggest milestones in the implementation plan.

  • March 15, 2020

    Canvas open for all teahcers
    All teachers at the University of Iceland have access and start to prepare their courses for autumn semester 2020.

  • August 15, 2020

    Canvas is the offical LMS of UI
    The learning space of Ugla and Moodle replaced by Canvas. All courses taught with Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to move documents from Ugla or Moodle to Canvas?

Yes. You will be able to migrate documents from previous courses in Ugla and Moodle to your new courses in Canvas. 

Will there be support before I start using Canvas?

Yes. The Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Information Technology are preparing a training and support program for teachers and Students. The program will be announced in February.

Do I need to change my courses?

No. Teachers will be able to continue teaching their courses as before. The implementation of Canvas is a unique opportunity to rethink and redesign the teaching. 

Will ther be support for instructional design?

Yes. The Division of Academic Affairs will assist teachers in designing courses within Canvas.

What about other systems?

Canvas replaces two systems, learning space of Ugla and Moodle. Other teaching systems used at the Univeristy of Iceland, e.g. Inspera, Turnitin and Panopto, will be available with Canvas. 

Is the Ugla going away?

Partly. Ugla will continue to be the Student Information System but the learning space will be disabled from autumn semester 2020. 

Contact the project management

The Canvas implementation team is ready to receive tour thoughts and questions. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.