Application for pilot

Implementation of a new learning management system is now under way at the University of Iceland. A part of that implementation is the launch of a pilot group of teachers using Canvas in spring semester of 2020.

The primary objective of the pilot is to ensure successful implementation of the system in the autumn of 2020. Therefore, it has been decided to have two teachers in each faculty. By doing so, the implementation team gets a good overview of current teaching methods, what problems need to be solved and identify the training needs of teachers and students.

Participants in the test group will be able to access Canvas at the beginning of November 2019. They will have access to support and training throughout the process, as well as access to teaching advisors from UI and Canvas experts.

In order for the pilot to produce the desired results, the criteria for selection have been defined as follows:

  • Two teachers from each faculty
  • Participation of teachers with diverse experience of learning management systems
  • Participation of teachers with diverse experiences of using information technology in teaching
  • Participation in a two-hour preparation course, scheduled on November 6 and 7. (Participants choose which day is more convenient).
  • Willingness to actively participate in feedback to the implementation team

We are not just looking for those who are most interested in the system and are at the forefront of ICT, but we would also like to see people who have limited experience in using ICT but are ready to contribute to ensure successful implementation for all.

Canvas is a user friendly system and in the video below applicants can see what to expect once they log into the system and start building their course. Please note that this video does not represent the final look of Canvas at the Univeristy of Iceland and it might alter a bit. But the main functions will still be there. 

Apply to become a Canvas pilot